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Professional, college, and amateur athletes, as well as people suffering from undiagnosed pain, travel from across the world to Vincera for treatment.

Patient Testimonials

  • Tim, 48

    Just wanted to say thank you for everything,  my hips and abs feel better than they have in a long time. All the exercises are going well, beginning some weight training and its feel great! YOU AND YOUR TEAM ARE THE BEST! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING,  YOU HAVE GIVEN ME MY LIFE BACK.”  

  • Michael Pirolli, 17

    My son Michael Pirolli had surgery in May of 2013.

    I just wanted to let the Vincera Institute know that Michael has been offered a full athletic scholarship to Bucknell University. This could not have been possible without all of you. He is doing very well and enjoying his senior year pain free! Thank you for all you have done.

    The Pirolli Family

  • Wayne Hardwick, MD,

    Dear Dr. Meyers:

    When I saw you about a year ago I had been out of work for four and a half months because of pain. Prior to that, I had worked as an emergency physician for 33 years without ever missing a day. I had been president of my county medical society, president of my state medical associations and had received many awards for my professional activities. But because of pain I had no reasonable expectation of continuing to work in the ER. I thought my career was finished. After your surgery, I was able to return to work in one month and I continue to work full time in a very busy emergency room with a census of about 300 patients a day. Thanks for your help.

  • Evan Kern, 38

    Dr. Meyers,

    I can safely say that your surgery has saved two big parts of my life. Obviously my passion for running was squashed with my injury. However, my pain became so bad from the two prior botched surgeries that I could not even play with my children without getting extremely sore the next day. I began telling my wife, I can live without running but I cannot live like this if I cannot play with my children. I also told her I would be happy if I could just run for recreational and not get sore. You have given both of those things back to me which had left a void in my life for almost three years. So I thank you for that! I am so grateful and cannot thank you enough not only for the surgery but the support after surgery. I know you work with many of the top athletes from all professional sports, but never once did I ever feel less important than any of them.