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Where professional athletes with core injuries go

When your livelihood depends on a full recovery from painful and debilitating core injuries, you seek out the best treatment available. And professional athletes and their training teams know that The Vincera Institute is arguably the best place in the world to go when seeking treatment for a core muscle injury.

The Vincera Institute treats a who's who of professional athletes
NFL running backs Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster. Likely future Hall of Fame baseball players Justin Verlander and Robinson Cano. Soccer players. Hockey players. Golfers. Basketball players. Even rodeo cowboys. They all come to Vincera when they have a core injury. If you are suffering and you believe it's a core injury, give us a call.

It's not just professional athletes
From weekend warriors to people who injured themselves off the field, more than 20,000 people, can point to the medical team at The Vincera Institute as the medical team who helped restore their physical health. If you have a debilitating core injury, we can help.

Accurate diagnosis for a mysterious class of core injuries

The Vincera Institute was founded by Dr. William C. Meyers, the pioneer in the field of core medicine. He literally wrote the book on core injuries. Two decades ago, Dr. Meyers worked with leading radiologists at Thomas Jefferson University to develop ground breaking MR imaging techniques and protocols dedicated to the diagnosis of core muscle injuries. The team's experience with more than 10,000 dedicated MRI exams for core muscle injuries, combined with the latest imaging technology, have led to highly accurate diagnoses, better treatment and greater chances of full recovery.

Using a specialized imaging protocol, the team at Vincera can determine if you are suffering from a core injury and define what structures are involved.

A multispecialty approach to getting you back in the game

Our concern for your injury doesn't end when you leave the operating room. It continues through your physical therapy appointments, through follow-up visits and through a range of other services offered such as sports psychology and healthy lifestyle consultations.

The Vincera Institute takes a big-picture approach to your recovery
The team of specialists at The Vincera Institute include orthopedic and general surgeons, physiatrists, pain management physicians, physical therapists, yoga and nutritional specialists and massage therapists, all coordinating to provide you seamless, best in class care so you can recover quickly, live pain free, play hard and stay healed.

Personalized treatment plans and direct access to your doctor

No two core injuries are precisely the same, so your treatment plan is tailored to your specific clinical needs. Your plan is built to help fast track your full recovery and a rapid return to pain-free athletic activities, optimum performance and health. And, the doctors and staff at Vincera guide you every step of the way. As a patient of The Vincera Institute you will have direct access to your treating physician, by phone and text message. Your recovery is a team sport and together, we play to win.

  • Shane Doherty
    On Thursday I signed for Galway United in the League of Ireland! Just wanted to say that I feel basically 100% healthy at this point. I can't thank you enough for your incredible care and help to get me to this point from where I was a year ago!
  • Miguel Cabera
    To Dr. Meyers Muchas gracias amigo, you the best...god bless you!
    Miguel Cabrera is the first baseman for the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball (MLB), a two-time American League MVP award winner, a four-time AL batting champion, and an 11-time MLB All-Star.
  • Steven Krauza
    You performed bilateral core muscle repair on me on march 8, 2018, one full year ago. I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me. I'm grateful beyond words. I have my life back and I'm doing everything I love without fear and hesitation. Thank you is not enough.
  • Nicholas Jandeleit
    I was one of your patients about 5 weeks ago. I'm back playing again with no pain at all and the incision looks good too. Without your help, I wouldn't be playing right now. Soccer is a huge part of my life and I'm thankful that you were able to bring me back on the field.
  • Fabian Herbers
    Thank you Dr. Poor
    Fabian Herbers is a German footballer who currently plays for Chicago Fire in Major League Soccer (MLS).
  • Dan Flickinger
    I had a bi-lateral core muscle repair in 2016. This summer, I traveled to Newfoundland twith fellow Bilateral Core muscle Repair alumnus Carl Stauffer and we ran the 180 beautiful and rugged, East Coast Trail. We could not have done without you.
  • Leah DeFusco
    It's been six long years of pain, cocktails of NSAIDs, wrong diagnosis and referrals to many specialists. I have to say I am profoundly grateful to have found Vincera and Dr. Meyers.
  • Shayne Gostisbehere
    Drs. Meyers, Poor, Kropf You're the best! Thank you for everything!
    Shayne Gostisbehere is an American professional ice hockey defenseman for the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League (NHL).
  • State Patrol Officer
    Thank you Dr. Meyers and the entire Vincera Institute Staff for your extraordinary care & expertise. I am looking forward to returning to my career and active life style.
  • Sam Lieber
    Three months to the day you operated on me. Today I won the 2015 USTS National Championship in Indian Wells, California. Thanks for your expertise and steady hand. I wouldn't have been able to play without you.
  • Jerome Patrick Murphy
    Hey doc. I started practicing fully a couple weeks ago. I honestly can't describe how thankful I am that I met you and for everything that you did for me. I got my life back and am happy for the first time in years.
  • Troy Tulowitzki
    Thanks to you and your staff for getting me back on the field. You're the best!!
    Troy Tulowitzki played 13 seasons in the MLB, with the Colorado Rockies. the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees.
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