Core Medicine Book for Athletes
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Core Medicine Book for Athletes

Introducing the Core: Demystifying the Body of an Athlete

Introducing the Core Book

There arguably is no more important area of the body for an athlete than the core, the region of the body from the chest to the knees. Yet for most people, including doctors, it also is the most obscure. The core is the body's engine, the hub of activity. It produces speed and explosiveness, endurance and grit. It also is the source of considerable confusion and frustration for patients and practitioners alike.

Dr. William C. Meyers has evaluated more than 20,000 athletes in his three decades in the field, unlocking the secrets of this critical area of the body. He realized that to disseminate his knowledge of the core and to provide guidance on how to treat core injuries effectively, a new field of medicine must be created.

Dr. Meyers' book, "Introducing the Core: Demystifying the Body of an Athlete", summarizes 25 years' worth of this pioneer's work. This book stands as the foundation of core medicine. With the help of the leaders in orthopedics, athletic training and sports medicine, Dr. Meyers of the Vincera Institute has created the first road map of the core and has documented how to most effectively treat core muscle injuries, meticulously outlining for medical practitioners the best practices for getting patients back in the game.


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William C. Meyers, MD, MBA

Marc J. Philippon, MD
Adam C. Zoga, MD, MBA
Alexander E. Poor, MD
Johannes B. Roedl, MD, PhD
Jim McCrossin, MS, ATC, CSCS, PES, CES, CKTP
Alex McKechnie, PT, MCSP

Guest Writer
Michael J. Bradley, MLA

Rob Gordon, MFA, CMI

Dr. James Andrews
Coach Mike Krzyzewski, Duke Basketball
Dr. Bryan Kelly

The diagnosis and treatment of core injuries is The Vincera Institute's mission and reason for being. We have helped tens of thousands of patients get back in the game. If you are suffering from a core injury, we can help.