About Vincera Foundation
Play hard. Don't Play hurt. Vincera gets you back in the game.

Vincera Foundation

The Vincera Foundation's mission is to develop excellence in children and young adults — physically, psychologically and socially; and to use sports as a vehicle to discover life opportunities.

The foundation exists to be part of a trusted voice for children in sports, and for their parents. Our motto is: Discover, Educate and Inspire.

Vincera Foundation was established as the philanthropic arm of Vincera Institute. The goal is to provide cutting-edge research and education on best practices in sports and core medicine, as well as to reach out to our community and youth to advance their fitness, health, and positive development for life by leveraging our resources on their behalf.

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The diagnosis and treatment of core injuries is The Vincera Institute's mission and reason for being. We have helped tens of thousands of patients get back in the game. If you are suffering from a core injury, we can help.