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Wendell Carter Jr., needing a surgical procedure to repair a core muscle injury, will miss summer league
The second-year big man for the Chicago Bulls came to the Vincera Institute to have core muscle surgery performed by Dr. Meyers.   Visit Site
Saddle Bronc Rider Isaac Diaz out with inury
Read how this bull rider was referred to Dr. William Meyers of the Vincera Institute for core muscle surgery.   Visit Site
Nick Bosa: Domination from Day One
An injury ended Nick Bosa's college career at Ohio State at its peak, but surgery by Dr. Meyers followed by an unorthodox rehab left the No. 2 pick in the NFL Draft feeling stronger than ever.   Visit Site
Jordan Zimmerman on 2019: It all comes down to health
When the Detroit Tigers sent Jordan Zimmermann to see a groin specialist a few days after the 2018 season, the team was expecting a check-up, not a surgery. But the evaluation by Dr. William C. Meyers -- the team's go-to specialist for groins and core muscle issues -- found two torn adductors, the muscles that link the pelvis and the thigh.   Visit Site
Is Ignoring a Hernia Dangerous?
Complications from having an untreated hernia can be severe. Learn what a hernia is, its symptoms and how to go about receiving the necessary treatment.   Read More
Freeman set to have sports hernia surgery on Thursday in Philadelphia
Dr. Meyers is noted as one of the leaders in core muscle injuries as he is scheduled for surgery on Devonta Freeman, a two-time Pro Bowl running back for the Atlanta Falcons.   Visit Site
Core Muscle Injuries
Dr. William Meyers of the Vincera Institute speaks with ESPN's Stephania Bell to explain what exactly constitutes a core muscle injury, the goal of surgical repair and why the term "sports hernia" should no longer be a part of our vocabulary.   Visit Site
Dr. William Meyers is on a mission: to eradicate the term 'sports hernia' and improve care for athletes
In this Q&A with Becker's Spine Review, Dr. Meyers discusses the big trends in sports medicine and what to expect in the future.   Visit Site
Surgical Treatment of a Young Athlete with Displaced Avulsion Fracture of the Anterior Superior Iliac Spine
A case study in how treating a teenage baseball player with an ASIS avulsion fracture without bone anchors or screws highlights the importance of soft tissue mobilization and reduction of tension and expedited his return to the field at the same performance level.   View PDF
Nick Bosa's Father on his son's decision: "It was hard for him to actually accept that it was over"
As Nick Bosa and his family came to understand the amount of time that it would take him to fully recover after he underwent core muscle surgery by Dr. Meyers, it started to become clear that it would not be in Bosa's best interest to try to play in more games for Ohio State after he completed his rehab.   Visit Site
5 Questions: Pro athlete or weekend warrior, it is really all about the core
Bull riders. Long jumpers. Runners. Tennis pros. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer players. Weekend warriors. Dr. William Meyers has treated them all. In this interview, Dr. Meyers explains the core and its associated injuries.   Visit Site
San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa signs rookie contract
Nick Bosa, who was injured in his last season at Ohio State and had surgery performed by Dr. Meyers, signed his NFL rookie contract worth $33.5 million   Visit Site
Pirates Pitcher Chris Archer has hernia Surgery
Pirates starting pitcher Chris Archer had a bilateral hernia repaired by Dr. Meyers in the offseason.   Visit Site
Julian Suri has a successful surgery for sports hernia
Professional golfer Julian Suri was able to return to golf within three to five weeks after his sports hernia surgery by Dr. Meyers.   Visit Site
New Book Delves Deep Into Core Health
Dr. Meyers' book, "Introducing the Core: Demystifying the Body of an Athlete", dissects the events that led Meyers and his research team to their new appreciation of this anatomy and offers insight into the many causes of pelvic pain. The book also emphasizes the fact that a wide spectrum of professionals treat the core - from traditional surgeons to alternative therapists.   Visit Site
Control of multi-drug resistant pathogens with non-thermal plasma treated alginate wound dressing
This study reports that a non-thermal-plasma-treated alginate wound dressing has strong antimicrobial properties and has the clinical potential to decontaminate wounds, prevent surgical site infection and promote wound healing.   View PDF
Dr. William Meyers gets right to the core of athletes' injuries

Dr. William Meyers gets right to the core of athletes' injuries

Chances are, if a professional athlete has had surgery to repair a core injury, Meyers was the guy who performed it. Most recently, Meyers was in the news for his treatment of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, who underwent surgery last week to repair an abdominal injury, and over the years, he's taken care of some of the world's biggest stars, from Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster to Justin Verlander and Robinson Cano, with athletes from just about every level of every sport in between.

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Dr. William Meyers gets right to the core of athletes' injuries

"We Really Focus On Kids": Philadelphia's Vincera Institute Helping Children Succeed Through Sports With Celebrity Golf Outing

A celebrity golf outing and a Philadelphia-based institute and foundation behind the event are helping kids succeed through sports. The golfers teed up Monday, even in the bad weather. Professional golfer Sean O'Hair is still recovering from surgery on the oblique muscle in his abdomen that he tore at Pebble Beach. "I was pretty scared, first major injury as an athlete, didn't know if I was going to be able to play golf again," But he's back on the links with a new appreciation for his core.

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Meet the Crotch Doc

Meet the Crotch Doc

If you want a statistical measure of Meyers' surgical genius, you could start with the success Roy Oswalt and Cliff Lee had in the years after their surgeries. Lee made four all-star games and won a Cy Young Award. Oswalt won 163 games, became one of the most durable pitchers in baseball, and, post-surgery, earned more than $96 million. "Dr. Meyers saved my career," Oswalt says plainly.

Over the years, Meyers has saved the careers of baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and tennis stars and helped thousands of weekend athletes — including me. Somewhat by accident, he invented a surgery to repair an injury that, in previous generations, forced athletes to retire; an injury that didn't even have a name, because it didn't show up on standard MRIs.

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