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Facts and Figures: Crosby impacts Penguins upon return to lineup
Sidney Crosby made a huge impact during his first game back since having core muscle surgery resulting in a win for the Pittsburgh Penguins.   Visit Site
Yedlin ready to put 18 months of pain in past
Deandre Yedlin of Newcastle United FC thanks Dr. William Meyers for carrying out his operation while discussing the importance of feeling comfortable with your surgeon.   Visit Site
Browns' Odell Beckham Jr. undergoes successful core muscle surgery; full recovery expected
Due to the complexity of the core muscle region, Odell Beckham Jr., sought out Dr. William Meyers, the leading authority among professional athletes, to surgically repair his torn muscle after attempting to play through the injury for most of the 2019 NFL season.   Visit Site
Sidney Crosby expected to miss at least six weeks after core muscle surgery
Pittsburgh Penguin leading scorer, Sidney Crosby, underwent surgery with Dr. William Meyers after struggling to play through the pain.   Visit Site
Eagles' DeSean Jackson already jogging a week after surgery
Wide receiver DeSean Jackson posts a video of himself jogging a week after surgery. His trainer says he "will be back better than ever."   Visit Site
The Eagles' DeSean Jackson has a core muscle injury. What might that mean?
The Eagles' DeSean Jackson will undergo surgery to correct a core muscle injury. Begging the questions: what exactly is a core muscle injury? Dr. William Meyers provides answers to the frequently asked question.   Visit Site
The Mariners are thinking of Mitch Haniger first and baseball second: 'We all feel bad for him'
The Mariners' best player, Mitch Haniger, was recovering from his core muscle surgery, when he complained of some lingering pain in his lower back sustained the year prior. Dr. William Meyers connected him to a renowned Spine Specialist and in within 6 days Haniger was in LA for treatment.   Visit Site
Texas RB Jordan Whittington 'on pace' to return to action soon
After feeling residual pain from a sports hernia surgery performed closer to home, Jordan Whittington left nothing up to chance the second time around and the team sent Whittington to Philadelphia to have his second procedure performed by Dr. William Meyers, who is considered the godfather of athletic pubalgia repair.   Visit Site
Bills defensive tackle Ed Oliver tweets: 'Surgery went well'
Buffalo Bills defensive tackle, Ed Oliver, delivers a message from the Vincera Institute recovery room that his core muscle surgery performed by Dr. William Meyers "went well".   Visit Site
Dasia Pressley leads SU after hernia surgery
Dasia Pressley, a runner at Syracuse University, was afflicted by stomach pain for three years without ever receiving a confirmed diagnosis. When the pain became unbearable, Dasia and her parents found themselves in a consultation with renowned Philadelphia based surgeon Dr. William Meyers. Within a day, Dasia was given a diagnosis and course of action. Since having core muscle surgery, Dasia Pressley returned and broke Syracuse running records twice in two weeks.   Visit Site
Marcell Dareus in Philadelphia to Treat Core Muscle Injury
Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle, Marcell Dareus traveled to Philadelphia to repair a core muscle injury sustained weeks prior.   Visit Site
Athlete's Core: 5 Myths Debunked
Many rehabilitation specialists understand the core is vital for performance. But why has it remained such a medical mystery? Dr. Meyers addresses five myths about the core.   Visit Site
Meet the Crotch Doc
Dr. William Meyers is medicine's most prominent expert on core injuries, and some of the top groins in sports owe it all to his surgical handiwork.   Visit Site
Flyers' top pick Nolan Patrick among many athletes under noted surgeon William Meyers' care
Nolan Patrick, the Flyers' first-round draft pick in 2017, was sent to Dr. Meyers to repair a previous sports hernia surgery as well as fix his new core muscle injury. Dr. Meyers is noted for having built a base of trust across a wide spectrum of professional athletes and organizations.   Visit Site
Vol Linebacker Has Surgery to Repair Torn Hip Flexor
Tennessee senior Jordan Allen gave thanks to Dr. William Meyers -- before thanking his mom -- as he recovered from hip flexor surgery.   Visit Site
Cam Reddish looks to get healthy, make name for himself with Atlanta
The No. 10 overall pick in the NBA Draft, Duke's Cam Reddish underwent surgery by Dr. Meyers in between the end of his college season at Duke and the draft.   Visit Site
Dr. William Meyers gets right to the core of athletes' injuries

Dr. William Meyers gets right to the core of athletes' injuries

Chances are, if a professional athlete has had surgery to repair a core injury, Meyers was the guy who performed it. Most recently, Meyers was in the news for his treatment of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, who underwent surgery last week to repair an abdominal injury, and over the years, he's taken care of some of the world's biggest stars, from Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster to Justin Verlander and Robinson Cano, with athletes from just about every level of every sport in between.

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Dr. William Meyers gets right to the core of athletes' injuries

"We Really Focus On Kids": Philadelphia's Vincera Institute Helping Children Succeed Through Sports With Celebrity Golf Outing

A celebrity golf outing and a Philadelphia-based institute and foundation behind the event are helping kids succeed through sports. The golfers teed up Monday, even in the bad weather. Professional golfer Sean O'Hair is still recovering from surgery on the oblique muscle in his abdomen that he tore at Pebble Beach. "I was pretty scared, first major injury as an athlete, didn't know if I was going to be able to play golf again," But he's back on the links with a new appreciation for his core.

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Meet the Crotch Doc

Meet the Crotch Doc

If you want a statistical measure of Meyers' surgical genius, you could start with the success Roy Oswalt and Cliff Lee had in the years after their surgeries. Lee made four all-star games and won a Cy Young Award. Oswalt won 163 games, became one of the most durable pitchers in baseball, and, post-surgery, earned more than $96 million. "Dr. Meyers saved my career," Oswalt says plainly.

Over the years, Meyers has saved the careers of baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and tennis stars and helped thousands of weekend athletes — including me. Somewhat by accident, he invented a surgery to repair an injury that, in previous generations, forced athletes to retire; an injury that didn't even have a name, because it didn't show up on standard MRIs.

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