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Nuggets' Barton has surgery on hip muscle injury
Barton was carted off the floor during a game after he said he felt something pop when he took off for the basket. Dr. Meyers would later perform surgery to fix core and hip muscle issues.   Visit Site
Editorial Commentary: Core Muscle Injuries or Athletic Pubalgia - Finally the Real Sausage, Not Just the Same Ole Baloney
Dr. Meyers provides a positive and affirmative commentary on the research study by a group of doctors looking at how those with previous core muscle surgeries performed just as well as non-injured football players at the NFL Scouting Combine.   View PDF
We Really Focus on Kids': Philadelphia's Vincera Institute Helping Children Succeed Through Sports with Celebrity Golf Outing
At the Vincera Foundation's annual charity golf outing to help kids, pro golfer Sean O'Hair explains how Dr. Meyers and Vincera Institute got him back on the golf course.   Visit Site
Tigers' Christin Stewart, Jordan Zimmermann undergo core muscle repair surgery
Stewart and Zimmermann were the fourth and fifth members of the Detroit Tigers to have their core muscle injuries repaired by Dr. Meyers.   Visit Site
Healthy Tailgating
Not every grill needs to look a portable meat market. They are quite a few healthy options to consider, such as leaner meats. Maybe even throw in some chicken and vegetables, and chill out on the chips for a few plays.   Read More
J.J. Watt has groin surgery in Philadelphia
"I'm just looking forward to getting my body healthy," NFL defensive end J.J. Watt said. "Taking some time to make sure that fully heals so I can get back to being 100 percent."   Visit Site
Wharton Leader Dr. William C. Meyers Talks about his Career in Sports Medicine
In this excerpt from Wharton Magazine, Dr. William Meyers discusses his Wharton experience and the driving forces behind becoming a health care innovator. It was Wharton - specifically the MBA for Executives Program - that inspired Meyers to believe he could launch his dream practice.   Visit Site
Armani Watts reports successful surgery
Watts, a rookie defensive back for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2018, had a second MRI that led to the diagnosis of a core muscle injury and surgery by Dr. Meyers.   Visit Site
Nick Bosa's Father: Ohio State DE is out until November after Major Surgery
John Bosa, father of 2019 NFL Draft No. 2 pick Nick Bosa, called Dr. Meyers "the best surgeon for the core on the planet" and that his son's injury was "100 percent fixable, which is the beauty of it."   Visit Site
Tips to Stay In Shape And Avoid Injury During Preseason
Train the muscles you need for your sport or activity, not just those muscles that make you look good.   Read More
Hicks to see specialist for ailing groin: Norris returns to the mound
Before going for a second MRI at the Vincera Institute, Detroit Tigers first basemann John Hicks said, "I've done my research. My wife sent me an article on (Dr. Meyers) and he's the best guy in the country."   Visit Site
How Kate Upton Saved Justin Verlander's Career
The Tigers' Justin Verlander needed bilateral sports hernia repair surgery before the 2014 season. So he went to a top surgeon in Philadelphia and afterward recovered in a nearby hotel. His future wife Kate Upton?living in New York at the time?was the first person to visit him.   Visit Site
Seattle's Marshawn Lynch undergoes abdominal surgery
Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, a.k.a. "Beast Mode," consulted with Dr. Meyers and the surgery was the final option to correct an abdominal injury that had bothered the star NFL player for weeks in 2015.   Visit Site
Flyers' Giroux, Gostisbehere to have hip and abdominal Surgeries expected out 10-12 weeks
In 2016, Dr. Meyers repaired bilateral abdominal tears on Flyers captain Claude Giroux and defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere.   Visit Site
Diamondbacks receive good news on Jarrof Dyson injury
After getting hurt during a game, Diamondbacks outfielder Jarrod Dyson returned to Vincera where Dr. Meyers confirmed there was not a recurrence of his previous core injury.   Visit Site
FC Dallas' Kris Reaves undergoes successful Core Muscle Repair Surgery
Dr, Meyers performed a core muscle repair on FC Dallas defender Kris Reaves in May of 2018.   Visit Site
Dr. William Meyers gets right to the core of athletes' injuries

Dr. William Meyers gets right to the core of athletes' injuries

Chances are, if a professional athlete has had surgery to repair a core injury, Meyers was the guy who performed it. Most recently, Meyers was in the news for his treatment of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, who underwent surgery last week to repair an abdominal injury, and over the years, he's taken care of some of the world's biggest stars, from Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster to Justin Verlander and Robinson Cano, with athletes from just about every level of every sport in between.

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Dr. William Meyers gets right to the core of athletes' injuries

"We Really Focus On Kids": Philadelphia's Vincera Institute Helping Children Succeed Through Sports With Celebrity Golf Outing

A celebrity golf outing and a Philadelphia-based institute and foundation behind the event are helping kids succeed through sports. The golfers teed up Monday, even in the bad weather. Professional golfer Sean O'Hair is still recovering from surgery on the oblique muscle in his abdomen that he tore at Pebble Beach. "I was pretty scared, first major injury as an athlete, didn't know if I was going to be able to play golf again," But he's back on the links with a new appreciation for his core.

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Meet the Crotch Doc

Meet the Crotch Doc

If you want a statistical measure of Meyers' surgical genius, you could start with the success Roy Oswalt and Cliff Lee had in the years after their surgeries. Lee made four all-star games and won a Cy Young Award. Oswalt won 163 games, became one of the most durable pitchers in baseball, and, post-surgery, earned more than $96 million. "Dr. Meyers saved my career," Oswalt says plainly.

Over the years, Meyers has saved the careers of baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and tennis stars and helped thousands of weekend athletes — including me. Somewhat by accident, he invented a surgery to repair an injury that, in previous generations, forced athletes to retire; an injury that didn't even have a name, because it didn't show up on standard MRIs.

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