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Is Ignoring a Hernia Dangerous?

Hernia Overview

A hernia is a protrusion that occurs when layers of the abdominal wall become weak or torn. An organ or fatty tissue squeezes through this weak spot in the muscle or connective tissue (called fascia) and causes a bulge. This bulge may start small and it can grow large as it pushes the fatty tissue and intestines out.

Complications from having a hernia may be severe. Complications include:

Intestinal blockages

Incarceration: A hernia can become incarcerated, which means it can get "stuck." Depending on what tissue is incarcerated, symptoms include severe pain, nausea and vomiting, and if the hernia contains intestines, a bowel obstruction can occur and require emergent surgery.

Strangulation: Strangulation occurs when blood flow is cut off to the herniated tissue and it dies. This can be life threatening and requires emergent surgery.

Symptoms include:

bulge or swelling in the groin, navel or near a previous scar
pain during physical activities like jogging, lifting
pain while sneezing or coughing
nausea and vomiting.

Causes include:

lifting heavy objects without stabilizing core muscles
diarrhea or constipation/straining
persistent coughing or sneezing
weakness present at birth
previous abdominal surgery
lifestyle - obesity, poor nutrition and smoking.

Treatment varies depending on the type of hernia. However, surgery is often recommended if no other significant, contraindicating medical conditions exist and the patient is willing to undergo surgery.

The Hernia Center at Vincera offers minimally invasive surgery for some hernias that will get you back to daily activity quickly and safely. We also offer same day appointments and surgery options within a week!To set up an appointment with our hernia specialist, Dr. Alexander Poor, call 267-592-3200 or email us

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