Laura Ferro offers a wealth of knowledge for natural health and nutrition to clients. She assists clients in achieving optimal wellness, using food and nutrition to enhance total performance both physically and mentally.

Health & Nutrition Consulting

Includes free 50 minute health history consultation
Laura offers one-on-one consulting to evaluate and improve each client’s current health condition, dietary practice, and lifestyle choices. Whether it is to learn how to enhance one’s well being or to reach one’s specific health goals, Laura will help all clients achieve optimal health and vitality.

Private Chef Services

All services include a free initial consultation to review specific dietary needs/restrictions, food likes and dislikes.Home Delivery Service – meal plans are created based on client’s needs, schedule, and delivered daily or weekly. Client chooses how many meals per day and how many days a week they would like to receive meals. Food shopping, meal planning, preparing and packaging are all included. Meals will be prepared in a commercial kitchen and delivered to your door.
In-home Service – weekly menu is planned with client. Fresh bought produce and meal ingredients will be brought over and cooked in the convenience of your own kitchen. Depending on the specific plan chosen – meals for the next day or weekly meals, the food will all be prepared at your home. Food shopping, preparing, packaging, and total clean-up all included.
Pantry Cleanse and Repair – a complete one-time pantry makeover. Learn how to choose healthy ingredient options when food shopping and cooking. This service includes a visit to the grocery store, teaching the client what to look for (and what to avoid) when selecting natural products and groceries.

Customized Services

Laura builds customized services that tailor to each client’s personal and individual needs, combining the practices of health consulting and natural chef services. Laura will structure a complete diet plan that works best for the specific needs of the client, as well as cook meals that support and promote optimal health.For more information, visit