Best Stretches for Core Muscle & Groin Injuries
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Best Stretches for Core Muscle & Groin Injuries

The core is made up of muscles in the abdomen, hips, thighs, and lower back. These muscles provide support to your pelvic area and spine. They are the foundation of our athleticism. Targeting the core with a regimen of stretching exercises can increase your flexibility and improve your overall athleticism.

When dealing with an injury, it is worth noting that each person experiences different levels of pain and that each person's rehab varies. However, one constant is the need for stretching the affected muscles. Static and dynamic stretches can help strengthen your core as you work through the injury and rehab process. The team at Vincera Institute will work with you to develop the best strategy for you and your injury.

Stretching the Core

  • Cobra stretch: This stretch begins with you laying on your stomach and your hands on the floor below your shoulders. As you press your hips into the floor, lift your head and torso and arch your spine upward until you can feel a stretch in your abs.
  • Child pose: A common resting yoga pose where you sit on your knees and slowly bend forward until your forehead touches the floor. As you move your head forward, slide your hits and butt backward.
  • Yoga: Vincera has developed a protocol of 20 different yoga exercises designed to rehabilitate and build awareness of the muscles surrounding your hip and pelvis. It was created to help improve your core stability and increase flexibility after surgery as well as be part of a long-term strengthening program.
  • Leg crossover stretch: Lay on your back with knees bent, feet on the floor and arms extended straight out on the floor. Cross one leg over the other leg at the knee and rotate your hips in that direction.

Stretches for Groin Injuries

  • Standing groin stretch: Stand with your legs wide apart then shift your weight in one direction allowing your knee to bend until is over your foot. Do it in both directions to stretch and strengthen both sides of your groin area.
  • Seated groin stretch: You may know this as "the butterfly stretch." Sit down, bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together. Hold your feet with your hands, rest your elbows on your knees or thighs and slowly and gently begin to push down.
  • Squatting groin stretch: Stand with your feet wide apart and then slowly begin squatting until your knees are bent at 90 degrees. Once you've received your maximum squat level, slowly push outward on your thighs with your hands.
  • Hip opener: Start in forward lunge position with left leg, then drop your right knee to the ground. Put your left elbow inside your left knee, and twist your torso to the right. Reach your right arm behind you until you feel the groin and lower back stretching gentle. Repeat on both sides.
  • Side bends: Standing straight up with your feet at shoulder width and your arms at your side, begin by lifting your left arm over your head and bend to the right. Hold it for about 30 seconds, then repeat it in the other direction.
  • Hip extensions: Lay down on your stomach, then lift one leg six inches off the floor. Keep the leg as straight as you can and hold it for 30 seconds. Then do the same with the other leg.

The doctors and physical therapists at Vincera are well versed in the best stretches to recover from core injuries and will work with you to provide a detailed and proper regimen.

The diagnosis and treatment of core injuries is The Vincera Institute's mission and reason for being. We have helped tens of thousands of patients get back in the game. If you are suffering from a core injury, we can help.