Why We Don’t Use Mesh
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Why We Don't Use Mesh

Surgical mesh is a medical device used to provide additional support to weakened or damaged tissue. It can be used to repair a hernia.

But, a sports hernia isn't an actual hernia. It is a layman's term for a core muscle injury. And with a core muscle injury, the muscle has torn off from the bone, so the best way to repair the injury and return our patients and athletes to the field is by reattaching the muscle, not by using surgical mesh to "patch"
the injured area.

Problems with mesh for core muscle injuries

The use of mesh can be very problematic for athletes at any level, especially those playing sports that require plenty of twisting and torquing of the core muscles such as golf or baseball. The nature of such activity is repetitive motion and sharp, sudden movements and change of direction, the biggest causes of a core injury. Mesh won't reattach muscle to bone.

Only in extremely rare cases of a core injury would mesh be considered as a possible option at Vincera Institute.

What about for hernias?

A hernia is a protrusion of an organ or fatty tissue through a weakened or torn abdominal muscle or connective tissue. Such a weakness lets the inner lining of your abdomen protrude and form a pouch, or bulge.

Surgical mesh can be used to repair a hernia, as it works as a "patch" to strengthen a wider area of the abdominal or groin area. It has been known to reduce the chance of hernia reoccurrence in patients. It also has been known to cause pain in patients.

Not all hernias are the same, so you should consult with your medical team at Vincera to determine if using mesh is the best scenario for repairing your hernia.

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We have helped tens of thousands of patients get back in the game. If you are suffering from a core injury, we can help.

Hernia repair without mesh

An open repair of a hernia can be done without the use of surgical mesh by using stitches in a patient's abdominal wall to close the hole.

A laparoscopic repair or minimally invasive surgery also can be performed, as can component separation.

Not using mesh to repair a hernia can lessen a patient's pain months after surgery as well eliminate potential infection or nerve irritation from the implantation of this material into your body.

Hernia repair with mesh

Mesh is used to strengthen a wider area in the abdominal or groin areas to repair a hernia. It can decrease the chance of a hernia reoccurrence.

When surgical mesh is used to repair the hernia, it can create a new pain for patients. That pain can last for months after a hernia surgery. Often, patients experiencing pain after a surgical mesh hernia repair are told that there's no way to fix that and it becomes more about pain management.

While the use of surgical mesh may repair your hernia, remember that it still is a foreign implant inserted into your body. That can lead to infection and nerve irritation. The surgeons at Vincera Institute have removed such mesh from a growing number of patients who have reported experiencing pain from a hernia mesh repair surgery.

The diagnosis and treatment of core injuries is The Vincera Institute's mission and reason for being. We have helped tens of thousands of patients get back in the game. If you are suffering from a core injury, we can help.