Led by William C. Meyers, MD, who for 25 years has pioneered the research and treatment of core injuries, Vincera Institute is the first medical specialty center dedicated to core medicine. Our comprehensive centers within Vincera are delivering health care in a whole new way, working together on your diagnosis and treatment plan to get you back to activity.

Abdomen, hip or pelvic pain can often go underdiagnosed or undiagnosed due to the anatomical complexity of this region. Our team of specialists has developed a treatment model that integrates specialists and services, encouraging a complete care approach.

What is Core Medicine?

Core medicine involves looking at the core as a whole. The core is made up of the back, the ball-in-socket hip joint, core muscles with the rest of the bones of the pelvis, and all the other physiological systems and soft tissues. Understanding the core takes a team effort since it is where many medical specialties overlap. Based on their training, doctors tend to focus on their part of the body. For example, general surgeons see the inguinal canal and the potential for a hernia, neurosurgeons see lumbosacral nerves and orthopedic surgeons see the ball and socket hip joint.

By studying how these systems work together, we are able to break down the silos of medical specialties and looking at the anatomy and function of the core as a whole. This approach leads to more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. 

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