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I may revoke this authorization at any time by mailing or personally delivering a signed, written notice of revocation to the healthcare provider at which this authorization was executed. Such revocation will be effective upon receipt, except to the extent that the recipient has already taken action in reliance on this Authorization. I am entitled to a copy of this authorization upon my request. I may not be required to sign this Authorization as a condition to obtaining treatment or payment or my eligibility for benefits. The recipient of this protected health information is prohibited from re-disclosing the information unless the recipient obtains another authorization from me or unless the disclosure is specifically required or permitted by law. Where permitted, the information I am requesting to be disclosed may sometimes be redisclosed by the recipient and may no longer be protected by law. I am entitled to notice if my protected health information is used for marketing and results in remuneration to the provider. I hereby acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the above statements as they apply to me.

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