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Professional, college, and amateur athletes, as well as people suffering from undiagnosed pain, travel from across the world to Vincera for treatment.

Patient Testimonials

  • Evan Kern, 38

    Dr. Meyers,

    I can safely say that your surgery has saved two big parts of my life. Obviously my passion for running was squashed with my injury. However, my pain became so bad from the two prior botched surgeries that I could not even play with my children without getting extremely sore the next day. I began telling my wife, I can live without running but I cannot live like this if I cannot play with my children. I also told her I would be happy if I could just run for recreational and not get sore. You have given both of those things back to me which had left a void in my life for almost three years. So I thank you for that! I am so grateful and cannot thank you enough not only for the surgery but the support after surgery. I know you work with many of the top athletes from all professional sports, but never once did I ever feel less important than any of them.

  • Will Booth, 18

    Dr Meyers,

    Just a quick note to thank you for acting so promptly and effectively in getting Henry the help he needed.

    He played his first game on Sunday (6 weeks after surgery) and survived 90 minutes of cold wet work, so he is well on his way.

    When I asked him how he felt after the game, he said that it was the first time in a year that he had played without pain. So again, thank you very much.

  • Claire Roach, 32

    Dr Meyers,

    I would like to thank Vincera Institute and Dr. Meyers for helping me finally find a way to resolve the pain that I experienced for two and a half years after childbirth. I was starting to lose hope after seeing specialist after specialist who could not help me. I am back to being active again and only experience mild hip pain every now and then, a HUGE improvement to my quality of life! Thank you so very much for restoring my physical and emotional health. You are an answer to my prayers and the prayers of many people who love me. Thank you!