Steven D. Krauza DC, 40

Cyclist, Ultra Trail Runner, Golf
Erie, PA

My life has been returned to me. This is how I feel 17 weeks after bilateral core muscle repair by Dr. Meyers. I have been living in some degree of pain for many years as a result of the bilateral core muscle injuries. My quality of life has been declining for some time. I love being active. I wasn't able to be as active. My activities of daily living were suffering greatly by the time I eventually had surgery. Dr. Meyers and his staff gave me my life back. I'm 40 years old. I feel like I've been given a gift of life by this man. It is a gift I will not squander. Vincera Institute from the initial evaluation, MRI, pre-op, operation, post-op, and rehab experience is a top notch facility. They are highly professional, yet down to earth, compassionate people. I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to return to my activities without pain. I am able to perform at a level I have not been able to perform in many many years. The first time I ran after I was cleared to run, I laughed, giggled, and cried at the same time. I knew instantly I was better. I knew I'd made the right decision to have this surgery. I am now and will forever be a walking, talking billboard for Dr. Meyers and the Vincera Institute! Thank you.

Steven D. Krauza DC's Vincera Story

Patient Background
Approximately twelve years prior to the diagnosis from Dr. Meyers, I had developed left inguinal groin pain. I was diagnosed with a mild inguinal hernia without any bulge. Surgery was performed laparoscopic with mesh being placed. I received some relief for about two years. I had resumed my normal activities without any problems. As I continued to increase the intensity of activities, the left inguinal groin pain started to return.

A follow up to the surgeon who performed the original surgery told me I had developed a weakness underneath the mesh. A second surgery would need to be performed. The second surgery was performed laparoscopic with a mesh plug being placed this time. Again, I felt some improvement for a short while. Again, I returned to my activities and started to increase the intensity. I started training for a road marathon, completed in multiple mud races, and increased the mileage on my road bicycle. A short 18 months later, the pain returned again.

Follow up visits to the same surgeon as well as a different surgeon resulted in "you don't have a hernia." I was told by multiple surgeons I was getting older and just needed to stretch more.

I continued on with my active lifestyle. I rode my bike from Erie, PA, to Philadelphia (480 miles). I trained and ran a 100 mile trail run. I participated in nine Tough Mudders. I had to do all these activities through pain. I would experience pain while running. I would experience a heaviness in my abdomen and groin region. The pain would be sharp over my pubic bone during physical activities. I completed a 100K trail run in October 2017 and after that race my pain became so pronounced it was affecting my normal day to day living.

In January 2018, I finally had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Meyers at the Vincera Institute. It was in January 2018 I received the gift of hope. Dr. Meyers and staff confirmed what I had thought: bilateral core muscle tears.
Diagnosis & Treatment
I drove to Philadelphia from Erie to meet with Dr. Meyers and the Vincera staff. An MRI of the pelvis revealed bilateral tears of the rectus abdominus and adductor muscles. Incidental findings of bilateral labral tears were also discovered.
Recovery Story
Surgery was performed March 8, 2018.

I went home to Erie on Friday, March 9th after meeting with the rehab department.

I followed the rehab protocol to a religious "T". I connected with a local PT to help monitor my progress. I am a chiropractor, so I have understanding of anatomy and physiology. This knowledge and experience with anatomy and physiology helped me in my recovery journey.

The six week recovery check point came fairly quickly. I progressed as expected. I started to resume activities when the recovery guidelines suggested to advance to the next level. I never went against the guidelines and never pushed myself beyond any point of comfort. Listening to and following the guidelines was the crucial component to my successful recovery.

Throughout my recovery process, Dr. Meyers was readily available for questions and answers. If I sent him a text message with a question or concern, he was prompt in his response. His personal attention, his personal concern made all the difference in my recovery. The questions I had for him must have been common questions he has received over the years. He was 100% accurate in the answers he provided. It was calming and comforting.

From a business side of recovery, I must say I was very surprised when I started to learn my procedure was being covered in part by my health insurance. I had paid for the bilateral core muscle surgery out of pocket. I secured a line of credit from my bank to pay for surgery. I was perfectly happy to pay out of pocket for this surgery. After seeing the thoroughness of the experience, I felt the money I paid was well worth the asking price. About 12 weeks post op, I started receiving EOB's from my insurance company saying the surgery was being applied to my out of network deductible. I was so surprised! In the end, my insurance picked up about 50% of the fees. I was thrilled! Vincera promptly refunded the amount I had paid minus the amount the insurance had not covered.