Matt Cerutti

Matt Cerutti, 20

Albany, NY

Dr. Meyers and the staff at Vincera were exceptional and exceeded all my expectations. I really appreciated the personal support Dr. Meyers showed by communicating with me post-op to address my concerns. Vincera gave me my pain free life back and an opportunity to pursue my goal of playing collegiate basketball.

Matt Cerutti's Vincera Story

Patient Background
Competitive basketball player in High school. Developed chronic groin pain when I was 15 and was evaluated by numerous Orthopedic doctors for over a year before being recommended to Dr. Meyers.
Diagnosis & Treatment
Core muscle injury that required bilateral pelvic floor repairs and adductor releases.
Recovery Story
I began playing basketball competitively again 10 weeks after surgery and was able to get back in time to play my senior year of high school basketball. I am now in my third year of playing division 2 scholarship basketball at the College of Saint Rose.