Leah DeFusco

Leah DeFusco, 38

CrossFit & Kickboxing
Westport, MA

It’s been six long years of pain, cocktails of NSAIDs, wrong diagnosis and referrals to many specialists. I have to say I am so profoundly grateful to have found Vincera and Dr. Meyers. I have traveled near and far to many Drs. in the country, none of whom, compare even slightly to Dr. Meyers and his team of professionals.

Leah DeFusco's Vincera Story

Patient Background
Leah is an upbeat mother of 1 and loves to participate in vigorous CrossFit & Kickboxing classes and likes to compete in Obstacle Races.
Diagnosis & Treatment
Bilateral core muscle injury & right hip labral tear that required surgery.
Recovery Story
Leah started rehab the day after surgery, is 9 weeks out, and was back to bicycling 6 weeks later with no pain.