Mental Health and Division I Athletes

You have heard it all before - sports participation for youth is linked to improving self-esteem, social skills, and managing depression and anxiety. There has been much research out there to help prove such claims. But what about the pressures of highly competitive sport? In a recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Vincera's sports medicine physician, Eugene Hong, MD and sports psychologist, Andrew Wolanin, PsyD, wanted to see just how the pressures of collegiate sports were affecting the mental health of collegiate athletes.  

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Fueling Up Before a Race

Laura Ferro, certified Natural Chef & Holistic Health Coach, Nourish & Nosh

Diet is a vital element to reach optimal performance. What we eat directly affects how we perform. In this article, I focus on what a long distance runner should eat to achieve maximum vitality and endurance.

I am sure you are familiar with the idea of loading up on carbohydrates before a race. This idea still stands true. However, it is very important for us to know the distinction between the different kinds of carbohydrates. Runners need to be particular about what type of carbohydrate they consume, because our body absorbs them very differently. Being able to distinguish between the correct carbs to eat is crucial knowledge, considering they are the most necessary macronutrient to provide energy. So the question is: how can we differentiate between the good and the bad?

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Yoga Tips for Runners

Biz Magarity e-RYT, Nava Yoga Center at The Navy Yard

Many health and exercise experts agree that yoga practice is beneficial to runners.

It is not uncommon for runners to experience back or knee pain, tightness in hamstrings, hip flexors or IT bands, and a number of other injuries or areas of chronic pain. The act of running itself doesn’t usually cause these issues. However, running can cause imbalances within the body that lead to pain or injury. A runner performs very specific actions over and over in one plane of motion, focusing on external techniques that often pull the body out of structural alignment. Yoga can combat this misalignment, and has been shown to help increase range of motion, agility, flexibility, endurance, and strength. The list of yoga poses, or asana, recommended for runners is long. I will give you a few examples below, but first it is important to understand some of the other aspects of yoga.

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Physical Fitness and Sports Month in Philadelphia

For those of you who have given up on your New Year’s Resolution to be more physically active, May brings you a second chance to renew your commitment.  As the weather is finally getting nicer, Physical Fitness and Sports Month cannot come at a more perfect time. There is no secret of the benefits to leading a healthy and active lifestyle, but finding a fun way to do it can be difficult and discouraging. Luckily Philadelphia offers plenty of free fun options to get moving this May. 

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