Nava Yoga Center offers on-site therapeutic yoga as part of Vincera’s multi-specialty treatment approach.  We meet one-on-one with clients to implement a personalized and evolving yoga regimen that can be preventative, rehabilitative and restorative. These yoga protocols have been designed by our experienced yoga teachers in collaboration with the Vincera physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers to give you a plan that is safe and effective.  Our emphasis is on improving balance, strength, flexibility and coordination through yoga postures, breath exercises and mental focus.  Symptom and pain management, and renewed health and vitality are just some of the benefits of our integrated approach, empowering the body and mind towards a healing state.

Yoga Therapy Focuses Include:

Core Muscle and Hip Injuries – Work within a protocol of 20 yoga exercises to rehabilitate and build awareness of muscles surrounding the hip and pelvis. Improve core stability and safely increase flexibility.  These practices are appropriate post-surgery and as part of a long-term core rehabilitation program.

Musculoskeletal Injuries and Conditions – Injuries can be a result of or a cause of musculoskeletal imbalances.  We use yoga postures and practices to help you regain strength, stability or flexibility to address these imbalances.  Some of the most common areas are back and neck pain, shoulder and rotator cuff injuries, and knee injuries. 

Balance disorders, including Concussions – The ideal yoga practice is designed to meet the client wherever he or she is at that moment.  We use postures, breath and meditation exercise to stimulate multiple body systems without over taxing them.

Pelvic Floor - Create a healthy foundation by balancing the tone of your pelvic floor muscles.  Yoga for the pelvic floor can address issues of pain, incontinence, discomfort, and to prepare or recover from childbirth and pregnancy.

Chronic Pain –Work with alignment and mind/body reaction patterns, decrease sensitization, normalize body awareness and expand your capacity for tolerance with yoga postures, breath awareness and meditation. 

And yes….We work with people injured during their favorite yoga class!  In a group class setting it is very easy to develop patterns that can lead to injuries.  Let one of our experienced yoga teachers lead you through your practice and help you trouble shoot potential problems.

Studio Classes

Our open vinyasa (flow) classes welcome all levels Mon-Sat, including Prenatal and Heated classes. Free parking, lockers and showers. All classes are drop-in.

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Yoga Therapy

One-on-one yoga therapy is designed for students pursuing personal and physical development, rehabilitation and recovery, health maintenance, exercise and cross-training.

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Specialized workshops including:
Yoga for Beginners
Restorative Yoga with Massage
Yoga for Runners

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kayla fell

Biz Magarity, E-RYT 250, RYT 500

Biz Magarity has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching yoga since 2004. She is E-RYT certified, completing both a 250-hour foundational program and a 500-hour advanced yoga certification. Her additional studies have focused on therapeutic applications of yoga including musculoskeletal imbalances and yoga as a multisystem approach to condition management. Her specialties include vinyasa yoga, structural yoga therapy, yoga for athletes, yoga for pelvic floor, prenatal yoga and anatomy. 

Her current studies and teaching reflect an understanding of the therapeutic benefit of yoga to empower students to find and reestablish health. As co-founder of Nava Yoga Center, Biz collaborates with Vincera Institute clinicians to offer yoga as a complementary therapy for core muscle injuries, sports injuries, back care, chronic pain & concussions. 

Biz is currently an adjunct faculty member at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, the nations first accredited Master of Science program in Yoga Therapy. She received her BS from Penn State University and MBA in Healthcare Management from Temple University.